Song of the Year TV Festival

Year 2011 saw the 40-th anniversary edition of the popular Song of the Year TV Festival!!! Song of the Year is undoubtedly number one TV festival for the Russian audience. It is traditionally broadcast on Rossiya TV channel on January, 1-2, in prime time.
Every year, Olimpiisky sports complex hosts the concerts gathering over 20.000 people. The Song of the Year is such a popular large-scale project that no other smaller concert hall could host.
Traditionally, the Song of the Year is the most favourite and the most long-waited song festival for millions of TV viewers. The unique music show attracts large numbers of people. It is watched in the CIS countries and outside. Statistics show that the contest attracts the attention of record numbers of people.
The concert programme features the performances of the best Russian artists whose songs hit radio and TV charts throughout the year.